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Bernard Werber. The empire of the angels

This book was advised for me to read. It lay peacefully on the book shelf for a long time. The title has not impressed for some reason. Here yesterday, I have read up it. The beginning has not intrigued me. However, some comments have mentioned from the source: "Pool in the street" on a theme "What are you think about death?".

It became a bit more interesting further. An angel has chosen to himself of three wards and helped them throughout all their life. Since it was his first work, he tried certainly to grant all their desires. "Clients", thereby the names of the wards are called by angels, are used quickly to it. They are began to pray chaotically apropos and without cause, that was very much amused and in this time it was upset somebody in the sky. Then, his wards have met after death and the angel continued to defend them before the superior court of archangels.

There are fragments from the encyclopedia in the book on a theme: the point of view, a dilemma of the prisoner, a reality, a mutation, desires, breath, about importance of the biographer, the paradoxical offer and many other things. Surprisingly, but it is all "lives" harmoniously near to the art text.

Described in the book has forced me to think about many things, but I admit fairly, not for a long time: something has not sufficed still in this book.


The book is great ( I read it in Russian ) and trying to find it in English for my son .
Pleas help me. What books were translated in English

I didn't see it on offer yet. I've read this book also in Russian and would be glad to read in English in future.

i think there are only "the empire of the ants" and "the empire of the angels."(i read it in korean.it was the best book i ever read. i would give 20 out of 10.)

In your comment, it sounds like you read Empire of the Angels in English. Do you know where I can find a copy of this book in English?

Thank you.

also still looking for this book in English - even Amazon doesn't have it :( Has anyone found it yet?

Impossible to find in English which is weird since there are extracts of the Empire of The Angels in English on his official website, so I'm guessing it has been translated.

I looked on many places for the Empire of the Angels as well. Amazon, Waterstones, Gardners books, regular bookstores in France , english bookstore in Paris, cannot find it.. Was anyone lucky ?

i want to read this book

Where on Earth can I find an English version of this and other books of the series?

I've read them all in Russian and I want to give a present to a very dear friend of mine. He doesn't read Russian.

Was anyone lucky to get the book/s in English?

Pls help!!!

I am also looking for this book in English. My friend read it in Russian and said it changed her life. I have been hunting this book down in English for weeks now. if anyone knows Please write where on this post.

I am reading the book now and cannot stop at all. I,ve searhed everyhere, coulndt find at all. If someone finds it, lease leave the link. Also, i tried to download he torrent version, which was just he spam that wanted to empty my credit card, so, don,t for the torrent downloads. It charged me 90 usd, when i thought i paid 1.29.

That is scary! Has anyone tried contacting the publisher? They have to be online somewhere right?

hi! i'm also looking for the english version of the Nous, les Dieux. Is there an english edition available for this?

On the official website, there are only 3 books that seem available in English. And I can't find either where to buy the empire of the angels. I wish le livre du voyage (the book of travel) had been translated. it is an amazing book, the best one to my mind.

here is the official website

Hi everyone..
I can confirm, after multiple research that only 3 books are in english version, but Unfortunately, only EMPIRE OF ANTS are available in english.
i am sad too. i want by boyfriend to read this book as he doesn't speak french.
do not try to download anywhere as it does not exist.
Good idea "Boston DUI lawyer", let's try to contact the publisher.
good luck for everyone

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