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Go! Sport

The other day I made a quick run over to the exhibition Go! Sport.

There were good stuffs to show and buy. It is to be regretted that I had no enough time for all.

I came to a stop initially near the table hockey and football and began to dream… In the pride of the working day.
There was a big choice of gym apparatuses and certainly, as rule, it is presented on the exhibition the things, which cannot be found nowhere in the shop. The exhibition is still full of new products.

Hurrah! I purchased an excellent GymnastikBall. I know for sure that there is no such thing in assortment, because the thing is professional and the cost is humane. The exhibition is the exhibition.

There were to have been the yoga master class, sport dances, tennis battles, etc. It is to be regretted that I had no time to spare and it was necessary to go ahead.

Good load for every day

Yachts, press conference and a lady from woman’s magazine

An acquaintance was shared impressions with a press conference for some time. It was established an office of two expensive yacht brands in Kiev. The classical scenario: journalists ask questions, the host answers. The press conference was being in progress, it was for a long time appreciably that all were tired and want the entertainment. A nice lady in pink dress from woman’s magazine asked towards the end:

- Tell me please, whether is there yachts especially for women? Well, in order to drive easy…

My acquaintance tried to share all gestures and mimicry of lady from the woman’s magazine. It was very funny. He said also that the journalists sitting in hall were appreciably excited and the owner of brands perked up:

- Notice, I didn’t say this… Listen nice lady, I’ve never… Probably, I can dream about this, for example: Mega-yacht fits for small delicate woman and very much sailing, and mandatory with impressive escort.

- I meant... A special yacht with some design solution. Let us assume control panel is designed somehow particularly…

The owner of yacht brands is very tactful person, he smiled confusedly, casted his eyes down, looked at assistant interrogatively, who had the honour to invite this nice lady from woman’s magazine. He looked at watch, intended resolutely, again resolutely, but tactfully:

- Listen, we give absolutely for all an opportunity to make corrections in design of boats and they can select or order the blinds, but the captain has to be for the control panel, believe me…

Catch the warm days

I played yesterday with co-workers again in tennis. It is a good tradition by now and necessary to catch the September’s warm days. I doubt whether they will be caught in December, all the more on the tennis court. We are playing on the left riverside in “Gidropark”. Price is humane and atmosphere is tense. The park is the park, therewith in our country, but there is something in it: get together after work in order to obtain the good portion of adrenalin. We are mixed players, but though, something or somebody gathers of ours every Thursday at 18:30 in “Gidropark”.

Pererva tries to go in for sports

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